Plaques bicornes TB et BIB

“Bicorn hats” at the Museum!

A few weeks ago our collection of destination signs and blinds expanded with the arrival of a number of special “bicornes”, named after the bicorn hats famously worn by Napoleon in the late 1700s and early 1800s. These “bicornes” were […]

Motrice 984 en rénovation - 28.06.2018 © Arterail

The first steps in the renovation of tram 984

Tram 1348 (from 1914) has only barely returned to Woluwe after a successful renovation at the ARTERAIL workshops in Nancy, France… and now it’s motor car 984’s turn! This tram from 1906 will get a complete overhaul at the same company […]

Motrice 1348 rénovée - 20.06.2018

Tram 1348 is back, in all its splendour!

This unique vehicle left Brussels on 8 April 2017, still with its old number 1428. Its destination: the workshops of ARTERAIL in Nancy, France. It is there that it was going to be restored to its former splendor. Just over a […]

Projections continues dans certains véhicules

The Museum comes to life!

The 2017 season does not only see our historical trams return at Parc Cinquantenaire: inside the Museum there are loads of improvements and new attractions that make a visit even more worthwhile. A number of signs and signposts from the […]

La motrice 1428

Restoration of motor car 1428

This tram was built in 1922. Up until the early 1960s it transported many thousands of “Brusseleirs”. After that, it has been in continuous service of our Museum since the 1980s. Despite a few cosmetic updates here and there it has […]

To discover in the Tram Museum this spring

In the Tram Museum the hivernal season means not a “dead season” for everybody ! As proof: 260 destination plates (out of 291) have been placed on one of our walls in order to illustrate how many tram lines have […]

Le Van Hool 8399. 02.10.2016 © I. Van Steenwinkel

The restoration of bus 8399

The newest and youngest piece in the Museum’s collection looks as good as (brand) new! This Van Hool type A500 from 1991, numbered 8399, was presented to the Museum’s members on 2 October. Previously, the vehicle had been meticulously restored by […]

Motrice 7500

The restoration of tram 7500

On 5 October the STIB workshops (coordinated by Museum volunteers) completed their work on a relatively new part of our collection: PCC tram 7500, also known as “Caroline”. This tram is unique. Built in 1962, it was the first articulated tram […]

Restauration de la 7500

Renovation of motor car 7500

Articulated PCC motor car 7500 from 1962 has been part of the Museum’s collection since 2010. It is currently undergoing a complete renovation to bring it back to its 1980s state. The STIB workshops and the Museum’s volunteers have been […]

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Please note that it is not possible to reserve seats on our vehicles running on our historical lines (Tervuren, Cinquantenaire, Stockel and BM) during weekends and holidays.

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