Who are we?

Founded by STIB in 1982, our association is made up entirely of volunteers. They manage the museum, they maintain and drive its historical vehicles, and they make sure those vehicles are properly restored.

Throughout the years we have also collected a large number of objects and documents related to public transport in Brussels. Although these activities are all supported by STIB/MIVB, they are financed by our own means. We receive no subsidies whatsoever from any public body.

If any of the aspects of our museum or its activities interest you, and if you would like to contribute in any way: feel free to join us. Helping hands are more than welcome!

Our activities

On top of our usual trips, we regularly organize thematic outings on the STIB network: from reliving disappeared lines to our annual “mulled wine tram” or visits to sheds or maintenance workshops.

We also organize trips focused on public transport, even multi-day tours abroad to meet up with similar associations and their members.

Become a member

You can support our organization by becoming a member. Membership also entitles you to various benefits such as:

  • 10 copies/year of Tram 2000 magazine (in French). Tram 2000 has all the latest on public transit in Belgium and France. It also contains an MTUB News” section that keeps you informed of past and future activities at the museum;
  • Free rides (for the membership card holder) on our regular trips;
  • Free admission to the museum during opening hours;
  • Various discounts in our specialty Retro-Shop.

If you want to give some extra funding to the Museum, you can become a  supporting member by transferring at least 70 Euros (including the subscription to the Tram 2000 magazine).  A good opportunity to support a good cause.

All you need to do to join is fill out this form.

Become an active member

You can also help with running the museum. Among the many tasks performed by our members:

  • Receiving fees or tickets on one of our vehicles;
  • Manning customer reception and the ticket booth;
  • Selling books at the Retro-Shop;
  • Managing archives and records;
  • Maintaining vehicles;
  • and many more…

Today, the museum is closed

Next opening time
On 16.12.2023 from 1 to 6.30 pm

Opening time

16.12.2023 : Open from 1 to 6.30 pm

Opening time

13.01.2024 : Open from 1 to 6.30 pm

Opening time

10.02.2024 : Open from 1 to 6.30 pm

Opening time

09.03.2024 : Open from 1 to 6.30 pm

Opening time

17.12.2023 : Open from 1 pm to 6.30 pm

Opening time

14.01.2024 : Open from 1 pm to 6.30 pm

Opening time

11.02.2024 : Open from 1 pm to 6.30 pm

Opening time

10.03.2024 : Open from 1 pm to 6.30 pm


Please note that it is not possible to reserve seats on our vehicles running on our historical lines (Tervuren, Cinquantenaire, Stockel and BM) during weekends and holidays.

Are you looking for an original setting
for your event?

Birthdays, cocktails, company parties, silver and golden wedding anniversaries: they are all good reasons to rent one of our old trams or buses.
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