Tower Car 424 (1974-2010)

Malgré quelques difficultés de batteries, le 424 a également pu se déplacer par ses propres moyens pour rejoindre son nouvel emplacement. 06.02.2016

This lorry (number 424) is part of the very first series of maintenance vehicles for overhead wires that could run on both roads and rails. They were acquired by STIB after 1969 to maintain the catenary in Brussels’ pre-metro tunnels. Lorry 424 is a Mercedes LP 1113 B (130 hp) which entered service on 10 June 1974. It has been restored in near-original condition, in a yellow livery with black bands. During its career, its exterior and interior were modified a number of times. For about 20 years (in the 1980s and 1990s), it was used for urgent interventions, hence its blue emergency light and siren.