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2 Rogier 22 05 2016

When the Museum offers a helping hand to STIB

Our “dépannage” no. 2 (repair vehicle number 2) has reached the venerable age of about 80 years. Nevertheless, it still serves our Museum well as part of our collection of service vehicles. And not only the Museum… After its recent appearance […]

Travaux avenuTravaux avenue de l'Ysere de l'Yser (1)

Track works Avenue de l’Yser

It looks as if our trams will be able to go as far as Parc Cinquantenaire again in 2016. This is why one of our members has made a number of pictures of the track repairs at this spur.

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Please note that it is not possible to reserve seats on our vehicles running on our historical lines (Tervuren, Cinquantenaire, Stockel and BM) during weekends and holidays.

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Birthdays, cocktails, company parties, silver and golden wedding anniversaries: they are all good reasons to rent one of our old trams or buses.
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