The new annual Tram Vin chaud is almost there!

Tram Vin chaud 2016For the 2017 edition we have made some changes that didn’t go very well in the previous years, in order to make this one much better.

That way there are 4 days on the program in comparaison to the previous editions: on 9, 10, 16 en 17/12 at 6 PM from the Museum. For every day, 4 convoys will ride and will consist of heated tramway and sometimes also an open tramway.

As every year it will be possible to drink hot wine or -chocolate with a tasty cougnou (“sweet bread”, “bread of Jesus”). And of course, Santa Claus will walk through the different tramways to greet and meet the nice children of every age.

Tarifs (including eating & drinking): €22 (€18 for Museum members).

The reservations start from 19/11 at 5PM. To book online is the only way to get places for this activity by clicking on the below mentioned links corresponding to different days. It will not be possible anymore to book via telephone:

  • I want to book for Saturday 9/12 (closed)
  • I want to book for Sunday 10/12 (closed)
  • I want to book for Saturday 16/12 (fully booked)
  • I want to book for Sunday 17/12

When booking your seats you will have to mention if you rather prefer to be in a heated or open tramway. In the second case, it would be preferable to have warm clothes!

We will take care of the organization, will you take care of the good vibes?