Results of our photo contest “The tram in autumn”

Many of you have participated in our very first photo contest, titled “The tram in autumn”. Thanks to the wonderful pictures you posted on our Facebook page our jury had a hard time picking a winner.

Congratulations, Olaf Bergmeier! He wins four entrance tickets to the Museum with this superb photograph taken at the Bergisches Straßenbahnmuseum in Wuppertal, Germany.

Photo 17 #AutumnContest2016 (Olaf Bergmeier)
Photo 17 #AutumnContest2016 • Bergisches Straßenbahnmuseum Wuppertal, Betriebstag am 23.10.2016 © Olaf Bergmeier

Below, four more pictures that drew the attention of the jury.

Photo 29 #AutumnContest2016 (Dave Habraken)
Photo 29 #AutumnContest2016 • De 5025 met mijn volga M21 in Tervuren. La 5025 avec mon Volga M21 à Tervuren. © Dave Habraken
Photo 16 #AutumnContest2016 (Erik Schötker)
Photo 16 #AutumnContest2016 • ASVi Thuin Ville Basse 30-10-2016 © Erik Schötker
Photo 21 #AutumnContest2016 (Christophe Walmacq)
Photo 21 #AutumnContest2016 #Tram2016 #TramMuseum2016 #AutumnTramMuseum2016 © Christophe Walmacq
Photo 4 #AutumnContest2016 (Michel Reps)
Photo 4 #AutomnContest2016 United colors of T3000 © Michel Reps

You can see all the participants’ pictures on this page on our website.