The seventies are back on the 14th, 15th and 16th of May 2016!

The seventies changed our way of life in many ways. Today’s fashion, music and movies wouldn’t be the same without the decade of disco, punk and rock. Even Brussels’ public transport network underwent major changes in the 1970s. The opening of the very first metro line in September of 1976 revolutionized the way people got around, not only underground but also by bus and tram.

The Tram Museum would like to honor the decade during this year’s Whitsunday (or Pentecost) weekend. We have plenty on offer:

  • on the evening of the 14th of May, young singer Dunja, accompanied by The Brussels ConcertBand, will take the audience on a trip through 70s music history. She will be covering songs by artists like ABBA, Tina Turner, Queen and many more. If this makes you come down with a case of Saturday night fever, stick around! After the concert you can dance to the best tunes of the 70s and 80s. The concert starts at 8 pm, the party starts at 10.30 pm and lasts until about 2 am. Tickets: € 13 for MTUB members, € 19 for non-members,  € 10 for children aged 6 to 12, free admission for children under age 6. As the number of places is limited, we kindly ask you to make reservations by phone on 02 515 31 08.
  • on Sunday, the 15th of May, starting at 1 pm the Museum will receive bicycle history buffs, who will show you the history of this two-wheeled form of transport alongside our usual historical trams and buses.
  • and on Monday the 16th of May, we will end the weekend in style by honoring tram lines 41 and 45. These lines disappeared 40 years ago – in 1976 – after the inauguration of the very first metro line. In the morning, line 41 to Stockel will be the main focus, with a number of trams from our collection. During the afternoon, our historical trams will revive line 45 to Tervuren, alongside the current fleet of trams on today’s line 44. The Museum will exceptionally open its doors at 9.30 am. Fares and prices are the same as on a usual opening day.

During these three days, the Tram-O-Bar team is at your service with pies, sandwiches and drinks. The same goes for the staff at our Retro-Shop, who will be happy to show you around!

Concert The Brussels Concertband & Dunja