The Museum participates in “Bougeons malin”, a local project

Bougeons malin 23.11.2016 © G. Chevalier
Sluw op weg 23.11.2016 © G. Chevalier

During the last week of November “school’s on” at the Museum, during the launch of “Bougeons malin” (travel cunningly) by STIB and Promo Jeunes. This year’s edition starts with a tour of the Museum! By the end of the week almost 700 pupils from different French and Dutch language schools in the Brussels Capital Region will have visited the Museum, together with their teachers. Every group gets a tour guided by volunteers and/or supported by a “buddy” (a volunteer from STIB).

(*) A social, playful and educational way of informing children and teens about the interests and advantages of public transit. Click here for more information (in French).