Preise und Reservierungen


Adults and children ages 13 and over: € 20
Children ages 6-12: € 15
The BTT is free for children under age 6 travelling on the lap of an adult (please mention this at the moment of reservation).

Brussels Tourist Tramway (4 Stunden)

€ 20 adult / € 15 child

This journey lets you discover Brussels‘ architectural heritage. You will see prestigious „Art Nouveau“ houses built over a century ago, as well as typical „Art Deco“ buildings from the interwar period, and some of the most amazing monuments of our capital, like the „Arcades du Cinquantenaire“, the Palace of Justice, the Town Hall tower, the Royal Quarter and even the Atomium.

Wir bitten die Teilnehmer sich um 9:30 Uhr beim Museum zu melden, sodass wir die Abfahrt um 10 Uhr garantieren können.

Bitte beachten Sie, dass die Reise ungefähr 4 Stunden dauert und nicht für junge Kinder geeignet ist. Während die Pause haben Sie die möglichkeit ihres Mittagessen im Train Hostel zu nötigen.

Date Language Remaining places / total
12/11/2017 fr 6 / 28 Book
10/12/2017 fr 22 / 28 Book

Terms and Conditions

For practical reasons, making a prior reservation and paying on line via PayPal are mandatory until 6.00pm on the last Saturday before the date of the journey. A PayPal account is not absolutely necessary.

As soon as we receive your payment, you will get an e-mail confirming your reservation. You will need to be able to show this e-mail to the staff on board the tram during your journey.

Please note that the journey lasts about 4 hours and might thus be inadequate for young children.

Making a reservation for one or more seats on the BTT implies complete acceptance of these terms and conditions. Do you have questions? We will gladly answer them in writing by clicking here.

Today, the museum is closed

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Bitte beachten Sie, dass es nicht möglich ist Plätze zu reservieren für Fahrzeuge die am Wochenende und Feiertage auf unseren Linien fahren.

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Strassenbahn Zagreb

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